10th Instalment: Friends are always there

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I’ve been trying to remember a timeline to how everything happened, it all seems so ‘muddled up’
My memory tends to be quite good if I can link something memorable with a time!
I asked a close friend if she could remember when we went to see P!nk at the ‘Richo Arena’ (what was the Coventry Football Stadium) but she wasn’t sure.
I remembered I had an appointment the day after the concert because I also remember being so tired for it!
So being the stubborn person I am, I didn’t give in and Googled it!


Now i have found the dates I can start to put things into the correct order.
I was able to look back on my phone calendar to find what the significance was with the P!nk concert! I just needed to remember which phone i was using at that time.
I remembered which phone & I was in luck!
It only turned out to be the appointment with the ophthalmologist the day after a VERY memorable P!nk concert & we’ve been to a lot of them!
Would you say it was a positive before a negative? I wouldn’t! It is just a good way for me to remember when i was first told I might have MS! June 25th 2010!
Now I can build my timeline!
From looking in my phone I also saw that straight after the appointment on 24th June 2010 we went to see a friend and also my boss at the time!
She had not long lost her Mum so we wanted to see her and give her our love!
Not surprisingly it was a difficult visit because of the circumstances! The one thing I remember is when I told her about the appointment I had just been to. I remember her reaction and what she said so clearly! She told me that she hoped I didn’t have MS.
The next person I remember telling is my Brother!
Like most siblings when we were younger we used to fight/argue all the time.
Things are so much different now! I have never felt closer to him as I do now and it was the same in 2010 when I was telling him the news from ‘that’ appointment.
I wish I could go back and do it differently.
I think because I was so blasé and unconcerned about it, it just didn’t cross my mind how it would effect other people!
I made sure I spoke to my parents first and then wanted to let him know as soon as possible because I didn’t want him to hear it from anyone else!
I phoned him! I told him over the phone and he was shopping!
I don’t think it could have been any worse! He was so upset and couldn’t talk!
Our very close friends were extremely supportive, after telling one of them I remember her sending me a text saying “MS just means your Mega Special’
That phrase has stuck! In fact it was only last week I was talking to my friend, I told her how much she helped me & still does just by making the letters MS mean something so much better than the intimidating title of Multiple Sclerosis!
My closest friend of nearly 30 years always knows how to make light of situations, she is a bundle of crazy lovely fun and happiness! This next picture was taken a few weeks after I was told of the news, a time when my ‘Skemily’ decided to make a surprise visit, just for fun!
We were eating ‘Tunnocks Tea Cakes’
For some reason whenever we eat these with family and close friends we usually end up have a ‘Tunnocks’ fight! It’s normally someones Birthday because that’s the only time we get them, but that wasn’t the case this time! It was ‘just because’! Just because Skemily always knows when we need her to cheer us up! I think this was probably THE best and worst ‘Tunnocks fight’ that I can remember! The worst because of the mess we got ino and the best because of how much we laughed!
They say laughter is the best medicine! I totally agree!
This was the time that I would come to realise how precious friends and family are!
The reaction from my friends and family made me realise that perhaps I should start taking the results from my one MRI scan more seriously! I didn’t know enough about Multiple Sclerosis to really know how to feel! I had heard about it before but and the only thing I thought I knew was that if you had MS you were in a wheel chair!
Did I really have it? They must be wrong because ‘I didn’t feel ill!’ I just couldn’t see properly out of my right eye!
I couldn’t get worried because I didn’t know exactly what MS was. Who does? But he told me not to research it!

2 thoughts on “10th Instalment: Friends are always there

  1. Good luck with your MS. It looks like you’re in the early stages of dealing with it (and dealing with it pretty well).

    I’ve had MS for 10 years now. I most certainly still have a life (and all-in-all a rather good one). I have various ways of dealing with MS issues. I have a one-time posting on this (under my blog Blue Man Musings) if you care to take a look.

    1. Thankyou for your comment! I was diagnosed in 2010, it’ll be my 4 anniversary next Month! I will take a look at yours, ty and Thank you very much for taking the time to read mine.

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