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11th Instalment: Race For Life

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It was the weekend after I saw the Ophthalmologist, myself and my partner were supposed to be doing the Solihull ‘Race for Life’ for Cancer research
It had been arranged with work colleagues from different branches, unfortunately a number of those that had signed up to do it dropped out for one reason or another, we didn’t!
I had signed myself & my partner up for it months before and we weren’t going to let what had happened recently stop us!  I was determined! We both were!

We had said from the start that we wouldn’t be running it, instead we were going to walk the 5k.Whilst we were away in Somerset we did literally walk for miles so the distance didn’t seem much of a challenge even though I was a lot slower than I used to be, my pace now suited my partner!

Making sure we had comfy clothes on and even more importantly the correct footwear, we made our way to the race!
We had agreed to meet the other ladies there and hoped we would find them in the crowd!
I hadn’t anticipated the amount of people who would be there and I found it quite daunting to be honest. Heart pounding we started to scout the field for my work colleagues.

In luck we found everyone and gathered in the correct areas for those walking, jogging and running!The starting pistols were fired marking the start for all the runners, two of my colleagues were running so they went before us.
The next pistol was fired again for those that were jogging to start.
Finally the last pistol was fired and all the walkers made their way around the 5k course which is just over 3 miles.
Nothing compared to the walks in Somerset! That’s what I kept telling myself anyway! It would be a breeze, just a casual walk in the park!
It turned out to be one of the hottest days of the year! We weren’t expecting it! It’s a good job I had taken the suntan lotion, our hats and plenty of water (That’ll make my Mum happy to know) but that didn’t help with the heat! At one point I remember pouring water over our heads to cool us down!
It was great to see helpers at different points of the race handing out drinks which was a welcomed sight as we were out of water!
We ploughed on through, passed all the checkpoints and eventually reached the end, tired and hot! We did it!
I felt so proud of us both!
Unfortunately I can’t remember what time we did the race in but it was impressive! We do have certificates though and they are safely packed in a box along with our medals!
Because it was so hot, we didn’t do much talking so there was plenty of time for thinking but I didn’t once get down about would could be because, like I said before, I didn’t know enough about it!
I couldn’t help but think, how can I possibly have MS! I just walked 3k!



10th Instalment: Friends are always there

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I’ve been trying to remember a timeline to how everything happened, it all seems so ‘muddled up’
My memory tends to be quite good if I can link something memorable with a time!
I asked a close friend if she could remember when we went to see P!nk at the ‘Richo Arena’ (what was the Coventry Football Stadium) but she wasn’t sure.
I remembered I had an appointment the day after the concert because I also remember being so tired for it!
So being the stubborn person I am, I didn’t give in and Googled it!

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8th Instalment: MRI Results

Thank you every one for patiently waiting for this, my 8th instalment.

My aim is to inspire & be inspired, to continue to be strong & continue to be confident!

I may be slow at blogging but that is only due to my MS. As with everything, I’ll get there eventually!



The journey home from that trip seemed to take a lifetime! We didn’t hold much conversation as we knew what we had to do when we returned.

Once we had taken our caravan back to the holding we went straight to the vets to collect Jake’s ashes!
So sad!

When home we did what most do, check through the post!
We had only been away just over a week and yet there was so much post!
One for me from ‘University Hospital Coventry’ my first thought when I saw the envelope was ‘Oh yeah! The MRI scan!’ I had honestly forgotten all about it since receiving the phone call, the one from the vet when we were on our walk in Somerset!

I opened the letter, it was an appointment to see an Ophthalmologist whose name seemed very familiar but I couldn’t place it.

Unfortunately the appointment was whilst we were away! I had missed it! I started to feel very anxious!
My partner read the letter and phoned the number on it. She managed to re-book the appointment for the same week. Apparently the person she spoke to was very understanding and pleasant!

The day of the appointment I really didn’t know what to expect! I was anxious but only the normal anxiety I get when going to any appointment!

I had found out why the Ophthalmologist’s name was familiar, he was a locum optometrist at one of the branches where I worked! Although I had never met him I felt comfortable because we had something In common!

We had the normal ‘chit chat’ that you might have in any appointment, I bought up that he was a locum at the same company that I worked for, which made the appointment feel much ‘lighter’ and less clinical!

It’s not surprising that I only really remember one thing from the appointment!

He spoke to me very relaxed, maybe that’s why I reacted the way I did!

“Your MRI results are back, you will be given an appointment with a neurologist as we think you may have MS. You will need more tests to be certain though”