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10th Instalment: Friends are always there

Thankyou tag to blog

I’ve been trying to remember a timeline to how everything happened, it all seems so ‘muddled up’
My memory tends to be quite good if I can link something memorable with a time!
I asked a close friend if she could remember when we went to see P!nk at the ‘Richo Arena’ (what was the┬áCoventry Football Stadium) but she wasn’t sure.
I remembered I had an appointment the day after the concert because I also remember being so tired for it!
So being the stubborn person I am, I didn’t give in and Googled it!

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5th Instalment: The Waiting Game

Thank you to everyone for patiently waiting for this my 5th instalment!

My aim is to inspire & be inspired, to continue to be strong & continue to be confident!
I may be slow at blogging but that is only due to my MS. As with everything, I’ll get there eventually!


5th Instalment: The waiting game


Thank goodness those scans were over with! I just had to wait for the results now.

When I next saw my physiotherapist she said she would have a look at the MRI results for my shoulder problem as it was done at the same hospital.
I did think she meant there and then!
When she finished putting all the acupuncture needles in she disappeared which wasn’t unusual!

I was having acupuncture to help with my pain as nothing else Catherine my physio tried was helping.
She always used to disappear when the needles were in place, leaving me to ‘cook’ as she called it, so this was nothing new for her to have left me.

When she returned she said that the MRI results were back and showed that I had a ‘disc bulge at the top of my spine and was very close to touching my spinal cord.
I was to wait to here from my GP for further instructions.

Only a few days passed before I had a phone call from my Drs surgery to say I was to make an appointment to see my GP.
When I saw him he told me exactly the same as what my physiotherapist had told me. He also said that I would be referred to a neuro surgeon for further investigation!

I didn’t ask my GP any questions about the appointment with the Neuro surgeon. Thinking about it now i guess i should of but it frightened me too much to be honest! It wasn’t the word neuro that scared me! It was the ‘surgeon’ part that terrified me!

I tried my best to put it to the back of my mind and continued to concentrate on my work.

I was still to hear about my scan for my eye. I didn’t let this bother me because working in an opticians I knew if it was anything ‘serious’ it would have dealt with already!

It was at this time that I had been told by the regional manager that he could see potential in me and was offering me the position of ‘store trainer’.
What this meant was to travel around all the regional stores training new staff and refreshing existing staff everything that is needed to be known about dispensing optical glasses and contact lenses.

I was also considering taking the appropriate course and exams to become a dispensing optician. So to hear the regional manager offer me this position was extremely flattering and made me realise I was going I the right direction with regards to me career.